Two times lifelong for Johann (Manfred) Weissensteiner

The decision was made after consultation lasting for hours: The jury said 'guilty', the judge afterwards 'two times lifelong' –  one time per murder. There even some jurymen had tears in their eyes…
There were neither witnesses nor evidences – and, most of all, no dead bodies."

Kleine Zeitung Graz, 26.9.1991

... and Global Conspiracy

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Judgement/ Australia/ Styria / Salzburg

Cairns (APA/dpa) – The Styrian Johann Manfred Weissensteiner (26) was sentenced on Wednesday by an judgement in Cairns (Queensland) for lifelong imprisonment because of two murders. After the two weeks of the circumstantial lawsuit the jurymen found proved that Weissensteiner had killed Hartwig Ruediger Bayerl (35) from Salzburg and his british girlfriend Susan Zack (31). Immediately after the sentence Weissensteiners attorney announced an action of appeal. ****

A Tropical Agatha Christie Story The case, which was sold in the local press as a "tropical Agatha-Christie-story", had unusual accompanying circumstances and therefor lots of headlines. Bayerl and his pregnant girlfriend were frenzied of the idea of coming atomic-explosions on earth and that "lizardlike Aliens" are going to rule the earth, together with a freemason-conspiracy.  The man from Salzburg therefore had planed to emigrate to one of the 6000 islands in the pacific with his yacht "Immanuel" ...

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From the file of the judgement:

…and the appellant [Weissensteiner] replied "I will not give evidence nor call evidence." 
Shepherdson J., C.A. No. 264 of 1991, Judgment. Delivered the 22nd. Day of June 1992

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