Foto of the murdered one

New chapter in the Weissensteiner – crimestory
A friend states: "The 'murdered one' lives!"
Neue Kronenzeitung, Graz, 23.3.1998

Waitress: 'I have talked to Hartwig Bayerl '
Now even Interpol is convinced: 'A lot of indications allow to suppose that Hartwig Bayerl is in fact still alive. We just have to find him.'
Kleine Zeitung, Graz, 3.4.1998

Interpol Officer tells his story

For Raoul, officer of the Interpol Vienna, the investigations about the case begin with the pictures of the mysterious man. The case binds him soon more, as every different one before. He aggreed to speak about his experiences for this book. Also several cult-experts supported the work, like minister Sepp Lagger and El Awadalla, those in their interpretations went exciting far and made an almost unbelievably sounding reference to one the most well-known and most secretive  right-wing extremists of Germany.

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