The Weissensteiner-direction.

A factual account story about a true crime

Manfred, a young drifter in Australia, comes under the magic spell of a religious fanatic. After the disappearance of that man and his girlfriend, Manfred is accused to have murdered the couple and stolen their yacht, although there are neither dead bodies nor evidences…
The Story happened in the early 90ies in Australia.

Manfred Weissensteiner, Hartwig Bayerl and Susan Z., three young adventurers, who meet in Australia, plan a trip through the South Seas. The " Immanuel ", Hartwigs 11 meter yacht, runs out in January 1990 in Cairns. Of Hartwig and Susan one heard since that time nothing more. Manfred was arrested some months later on Marshall Islands, a group of islands in the South Seas and condemned because of double murder. But there are doubts about his debt.

What is behind the mans (Hartwigs) disappearing, who was afraid of UFOs and credit cards, who believed in a freemason world conspiracy, who wanted to escape the Third World War and felt threatened by extraterrestrial ones?

A factual report around smuggling of arms and esoteric, around fears, obsessions and dependencies...

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